Bounce Rate: The gem for SEO metrics.

If you have tons of data from you SEO metrics and wonder how to implement the data, try focussing on bounce rate.

What is bouce rate? The amount of people who leave your site straight away without checking other content, pages or click throughs.
Usually measured in two ways:

  • The percentage of website visitors who lookat one page only, then leave.
  • The percentage of website visitors who stay on the site for usually less than 5 seconds.

Google Analytics, measures bounce rate in a detailed way, so use this a source of information.

How to to cure bounce rate?
First measure your bounce rate from your traffic. If it is higher than 50%, then you will need to  optimise accordingly. Less than 20%, please tell me your tips!
Second, from your ad campaigns – email, adwords, advertising.
Third – from your highest traffic pages. Check all your calls to action, are they prominent? Would you stay on your site to look further? Who is coming to the page – referrers, search keywords, online ads.

Always start from the stand point of what would catch your attention and make you want to investigate further. A catchy headline, a hard to ignore offer, where do your eyes go first with the content on screen.
Implement, then test.

Next tip – site overlay. In Google Analytics – content > site overlay. Excellent way to track clicks and reporting directly on your site. Visual is always better!

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