Bum clenching time for blog networks!

The new cliche being banded about at the moment in the SEO world is, ‘the only constant is change.’
This is true at the moment as a few of the top blog networks have reportedly had all their listingsĀ  de-indexed by Google.
In the next few weeks we will see the outcomes in rankings, as a lot of people have relied on these blog networks to create links for their clients.

Google has reportedly done this to try and make sure these type of the networks cannot manipulate the results and as a way to provide more relevant results.
However, a lot of the most well-known blog networks have known that to be long lasting, they have to provide quality content. Although they did to a point, the content that was posted to the individual blogs was completely separate in theme and arguably short inĀ length.
Some of this content may have been worthwhile for people, both for back linking and human readability, but this means nothing, as the big G made the decision that these networks had to go.
This means, no matter how white hat the content was, if you posted on these networks, they now do not count.
It’s a shame on one level, as legitimate, white hat SEO tactics tried to provide quality content to get quality links. But this is now just academic.

In the long run, it may be for the best, so that more lengthy, unique articles are only available on the web.
We saw this last year with a lot of the article directories getting slammed for posting trash content. Everyone saw the benefits of this, as no one wants to search for ages only to find search listing of a trash article.

So if you have relied on blog networks for part of your link building or even all of it, where do you go from here?
Some talk has been on still creating a blog network, but one of your own that is completely private and only for your own use. But eventually, will you be found out?
Personally, if this has happened to the largest networks it is not really worth the time, energy and money to have it done to you sometime in the future.
You may be thinking, if you create your own blog network and keep it as private as possible, you will not get hit. But the whole point of the blog network, is to build it and make it more for worthwhile. This will mean at some point in the future, search engines will find your footprint. If they do, you may go the same way as the others.

There are plenty of ways you can get quality link juice without using blog networks.
You will still have to produce quality, unique content, as you always have done. You just need to work at it harder, produce more and work to get that quality content on quality sites.

Link building in this way, takes time and energy, but if done right you will get links that will hopefully stick and humans will find as a worthwhile resource.
Ultimately, this is what the web should be about anyway. You do a search and in no time fine quality information.
If the web is just going to be full up of junk articles, then the originators of the web who worked in academia to transfer information more efficiently, will be turning in their graves(or labs!) as we speak!

Produce quality content on the web and it will ultimately be a better place. (……. that along with less crap videos on youtube of cats falling off chairs..!)


5 thoughts on “Bum clenching time for blog networks!

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  • Dave,

    It is for me a step in the right direction as quality rather than link manipulation will be favoured by Google

    Interesting points about private blog networks


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