Clients, the new search metric.

Simply asking some of your clients how they search for your products and services is great feedback on how you can optimise your online presence for SEO.
Ask clients specifics, like – What are the product names or services they were looking for? What search engines and directories those products and services were listed? What keywords they typed for those products and services? Did they click on a natural listing or sponsored listing? Did they click on Google maps? What did they click on first on the sites they visited – was it a banner advertisement, was it a navigational link, was it a prominent call to action? All these elements add up to giving you more information on what your clients are really looking for. (most will only remember what they were looking for, but worth asking anyway.)

A recent example, I found on how all clients are really searching online, and what they are clicking on, came from accidentally adding my contact number as the contact number on a client’s Google Maps listing, oops. The client’s website was number one in Google for their chosen keywords and number one on Google Maps. People were constantly ringing me up, for the client’s services. Basically, telling me that site visitors when searching, didn’t even view the website, just ringing the number on Google Maps. Using Google, more or less as a telephone directory. Therefore, their place on Google Maps for their chosen keywords was most important. So, ask a few of your clients, how they search. It’s very informative.

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