high class website design

High class website design?

What do you think of first when confronted with this statement? Most would think of the frontend graphical design, lovely layout that just seems to ‘sit’ correctly, type setting that is easy to read and looks elegant with correct line length, spacing and font choice.

Really, the areas of a website, which constitute high class design, should be split into seperate areas.
Graphical layout of content areas – size.
Graphical elements – imagery.
Type – fonts, size, line spacing.
CRAP – contrast, repetition, alignment, positioning.
Content – using all the above.
Functionality – frontend and backend. Usability.
Hosting – speed of the site, functionality and ease of use.
Online promotion – well coded site, on-site and off-site promotion.

This is a very general list, but a good overall guideline.
Most are initially attracted to the big visuals, then big text headlines, then sub-headlines, then textual content.

Simple is usually best. 10 years ago, most webmasters were trying to re-imvent the wheel, including myself. Convoluted flash navigation (almost like a puzzle before you could reach any information) is out, unless you have a marvelous reason for its use.
Great imagery is getting easy to find, but as with all things in life, to get the best design, you will have to pay more.
Make sure your website has balance, great design, great content, great functionality, great hosting and great ideas.

If you would like a chat about improving you website or need more of a high class website design, please contact us.

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