How to not attract website traffic!

The aim of this post is to show you how to stop all that pesky traffic going to your website.
Follow the points below, make sure the areas are taken out of your site and this will en-sure no visits.

Let’s begin……

Start a page at a time or if you are using a CMS, you may have to go into the templating system to perform these edits.
First things to look for – if you have meaningful, useful, informative text on a page, get rid of it. This attracts visitors. The more informative the text, the more likely people will like it and link to your content and we don’t won’t that, so that’s out.

The worst culprit for attracting traffic to your website is through these horrible things called ‘keywords.’ These are the things that are littered around your website’s textual content.
People find you through these keywords. If you are a plumber in Manchester and you have ‘Plumber Manchester’ in your text content, people will find your site, so get rid of them.
Keywords that are links or ‘anchor text’ going to internal pages of your site or external sites, attract visitors, so you don’t need these. Chuck in the bin…..
Too many keywords on a page are seen as spammy to the search engines, so you can go the other way and put loads of keywords into your text to get you totally banned.
You may have researched your competitors online to see what they are doing on their websites to rank highly, make people want to look further into their websites. Stop researching competitors, it will only give you ideas……

People will recommend to you Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to research keywords and get feedback on how well those keywords are working for you. Ignore them, this only helps people find your website.

The other areas that make a page findable on the web are the ‘title tag’ and meta description of a page. If you have your not-very-well chosen keywords in the title of a page, summing up – your business, your products or services, your area you do business, then swap that title tag for something completely random. Guaranteed to put people off.
The meta description of a page – read through it. If it is a short, concise, summing up of your offerings and their benefits, then chuck it away. Again, it only attracts traffic.
Another tip, do a search for your website under your badly chosen keywords. When it comes up in the SERPs, see if it is the description or content that is the description on Google. Find that text on the page and get rid, it is being too informative.

Backlinks – these things will drive people to your website. Links on other blogs, forums, places on the web where you think your clients or prospective clients are looking for your services are bad. Adding  backlinks over time, in a strict, daily way, is not advised. This applies to adding new informative content to your website. In fact, extra useful content on your site, built up over time, is not allowed. Imagine if you have a blog and you add a few informative posts a day, with keywords added as links to internal pages and external sites, pointing visitors to other useful resources, title tags with your keywords and the meta descriptions, your site will bulk up in content, have more easily found pages by the search engines……….horror.

People hate going to a url that is not there. Causes – a page no longer exists, has been moved. A 404 error page will give a lovely notice to the visitor to look for another page. A 301 re-direct will re-direct old urls to new urls and is search engine friendly. If you have these, not needed, only helps those nosey visitors.

There are lots of other things to cover, but following the main points above will ensure, all those nosey visitors will go elsewhere!
If you actually want more traffic to your website (which you do really, be honest…….) please contact Bassmedia web design Manchester.

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