Link Building

Everyone has itchy backs when it comes to links.
In other words, you scratch my back, if I scratch yours…… provide a link to our site if we do the same.
Great as all links count, but one way links count the most. Why? A one way link shows that a site thinks your website is a worthwhile resource as you have linked directly to it, rather than just a link swap.
Ideally, you want sites one way linking to you, with keywords in the link/anchor text.
So, how is this achieved? – blog posts with a link to your site, blog comments with links to your site, writing articles on article sites relevant to your industry, a blog on a sub-domain, e.g, with a unique IP address where you link to other sites and have other sites link to your primary addressed domain.
Always think – quality content, links from relevant sources. Think like it is your own web of content and links that ooze interesting things. That is what brings people to your site and make them want to come back, pick up the phone or email you.

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