Micro Blogging – The next new thing or old hat?

Article here about the growth rate of the ‘micro blogging’ take up.
From the post it seems micro blogging is on the way up, telling of the advantages of the platforms, being ‘true’ blogging and more instant posting features.
Sounds great from the initial text and graphs but the comments on the post give the interesting feedback.
In the real world, it seems these platforms are great, but all have some features lacking, confusing or have barriers to comment.
Most of the micro blogging platforms have been around for a few years, e.g. Tumblr but are they the easiest way/most convenient ways to blog?

That’s really up to the users to decide. With many platforms to keep up with, there are only so many hours in the day, so inevitably some platforms will fade away, even some of the large one – is Bebo going that way?
One main deciding factor is simply migration will go where your audience/friends go in droves.

3 thoughts on “Micro Blogging – The next new thing or old hat?

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