New site, new system…

We have just performed a website upgrade to the WordPress system, with a new design.

Why WordPress?
Well, a few reasons.
Having worked with numerous CMS systems, blogs, etc. over the years we’ve found WordPress, all things considered, to be the best moving forward.
Ease of updating content, ease of development, simple SEO implementation and as a platform to develop in, a great amount of straight forward documentation.
The last point from a development point of view, the most important.
We’ve used CMS systems, where most of the online docs. and community are in another language. When you can’t speak that language or very little, the process can be a little hard work…..
Other systems, arguably more powerful, are also more convoluted, less easy for clients to understand and when something goes wrong, can be like trying to find a lose screw on the space shuttle.

WordPress, just covers al bases really well.
But its a blogging platform first, why use it for a CMS based website?
Well, as mentioned above, SEO implementation and design is easily implemented meaning less time to update, less work less cost to you.

Bassmedia are continually pushing WordPress, so please contact us if you would like to update your web presence and get the most online from your website.

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