Playing an instrument and SEO!

As you can see, another well optimised title……….!

I don’t post that often on this blog, mainly due to the fact of putting client’s work first, as with most SEO and web designers.
Anyways, this post is really about the correlation between learning a musical instrument and SEO. What you say, another mindless analogy.
Well, analogies work if you are familiar with the analogy example presented. If not, it can confuse, but for those who play an instrument or have done, as i have for many years, then the similarities in some respects are close.

If you learn a classical instrument – piano, flute, violin, etc., you usually go down the graded route, learn formally, learn pieces of music and you aim is to nail those pieces of music to the best they can be played.
In the ‘pop’ instrument world – guitars, bass, drums, etc., you take lessons, teach a bit yourself, learn songs, bit of theory, etc. Arguably a more creative route, but more haphazard.
But, in the pop instrument world, the main advice from the top players is – emulate then inovate. In other words, copy your favourite artists/players, then come up with your own stuff. After learning a piece, pull to bits how they play, how they phrase passages, how they contruct a tune – tune structure, chord progressions, melody lines, do they favour one scale over the other….the list can get lengthy, but you can just practice until you know a tune second nature then let something come out by osmosis.
The greatest composers had to do this – Mozart apprently wrote his first symphony at age 4….wow! But he really didn’t just come down stairs one day and thought, i’ll just tinker on the piano never played before and rattle off a symphony! No, Mozart’s dad was a well know music teacher who sat young Mozart down from age 0 at a piano. That linked with an innate musical ear was the difference, but he did emulate to come up with those first melodies. Led Zeppelin – listen to their very first recordings, i think their first b-side, its a blues tunes by another artist with different lyrics! Emulate then inovate.

The same then with SEO or really SEM/internet marketing. You need to emulate the best in the field – emulate then inovate.
But again, great analogy, but your saying i’m lost……..i only played the recorder for a month at school because i was made to!
Well, you have a market, you picked a niche you have wittled down your keywords to see which are best to go for from – relevance, traffic, competition and if they can be montised. Thats your research.
But then you have to look at the top competitors.

What are they doing to be at  the top? Pull apart (not literally) their landing page that is ranking – what elements are they covering on page, do you have those elements in place on your landing page?
Is their site optimised covering all the on site items needed, again same check with your site.
Content – does the content appeal to a human and the bots, does it have a call to action.
After all on site stuff – offsite stuff – what backlinks does your competitor have, where are they coming from, are the links quality or there on mass – all the link criteria covered that make a good link.
The list can be as indepth as you like, but the deeper the information you have on a competitor and more familar you are with their site, the better you will spot what they are doing or not doing.
Implement, then innovate, but the inovate bit, like in music can work great or fall flat on its face. Again, see what has worked for your competitors if they have added new content, features, functionality, offerings, layout. They may have done the research before you.
All this takes work and time. Some stumble across a successful way to promote their sites, others have to work every step of the way, which is most of us, so by emulating the best of the competition, you will at least be near to what is expected to be no.1.

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