Post Penguin and Panda SEO Tips.

Here is one of my rare posts on my blog (as per usual, off doing work for clients are not promoting my own website……ahem!)

Anyway, if you have been involved in online promotion for the few months,  you will have no doubt have read or experience the effects of Google’s panda and penguin updates.
There is plenty of information on the web on what these updates did and meant to websites.
The crux of the updates essentially means that some of the SEO tactics that work before, no longer do so. But the main thing to think about moving forward are the essentials you will need to promote yourself not only in the organic listings but via other channels online.

Some websites have been hit hard by the recent updates, some sites kept their rankings, while others only drop by a few places. No matter which camp you fall into,  it is worthwhile to note a few takeaways for moving forward with a link building and your on-site SEO.
Below are some pointers for moving forward with your website promotions. I will try and keep the points as  short and sweet as possible.
The tips are a little bit ad hoc, but what you need to move forward is all below.
We are based media can help you build your links upif you have been hitby the recent updates, which we will include the elements below.

Panda updates – essentially for on page stuff. Penguin updates – essentially off page, biggest update in years.

Off page factor. – Only 40 % MAX. of your link profile should now the for a keyword. The bigger the variety of keywords the better. – LOTS of link text variation – Link diversity. – Site relevancy, min. 15% relevant links.   Google +1, (setup author profile, pen name.)(google+ in lots of ten at time at most.) Facebook like/shares. Web 2 property links. Youtube links. Do follow and nofollow – a spread of both. Article links. Press Releases. Sidebar links (in blogs on other sites.)

Dis-qualifiers. – Over 40% dead links – get rid of these links or create more links to counteract the dead ones. – Social factors less than competition. – Links not disverse as competition. – Abnormally high exact match keywords – spread out your link text types.

SEMrush – shows traffic in the past on google. it will give the timeframe for the google up date history, what each update was about. Looks you should see if you are hit for an over optimisation penalty ( too many links to one keyword) or if you had any bad links from blog networks, etc.

Look at own site and competitor site anchor text density. Use the terms from competitor anchor text in own anchor text links.

Look at link types – wide range of links needed – forums, social, etc.

Link to buffer site! – do not send all your links to your main website. Send all your links to a bunch of web to properties or article sites that have high PR with quality articles. This way if you get a penalty the article sites get it and not your main website.

No exact match keywords anymore. Have to do – ‘logo design’ = my logo design, great logo designs, i want a logo.


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