ROI – the only real metric to follow

When going through the tracking and reporting of an SEO and SEM campaign, there can be tons of data to analyse, process and make sense of.
Tips are a plenty on the web on the areas of SEO and SEM to cover. Some tips being more in depth than others.

However, once you have got traffic to your site, you have to convert those visitors to paying visitors. You may have stats. to show traffic is abundant coming to your site, site visitors are clicking on links, going to internal pages, but they are not emailing you are ringing you, so what do you do?
On site conversion of visitors to paying visitors has no golden rules, mainly as each website should have a UPS, unique branding and message. Therefore, promotional aspects of the site, calls to actions – like vouchers, giveaways, competitions, etc. have to be sculpted to fit your brand and tailored to how you want to direct visitors through your site.
Plan the routes from all entry pages that you are promoting.
SEO is only one part of an online marketing campaign. SEM usually handles the rest. This is basically as many sign posts around the web saying what you do and why your stuff is so great.
I could list all areas to cover, but there are better online resources doing that – this being a good overview doc.
Brainstorm, build a mind map of all possible ways people will search and find your products and services online.

There may be directories, forums, blogs, site owners who you regularly visit in your chosen field, which you can add a link or posting.
Once the traffic is flowing to your site and your still not getting the conversions, take a long look at your site (try and do it as if you are a customer – be critical, but constructive and objective if possible)
Look at your site top down – most important offerings/messages the boldest, large imagery with a call to action, then sub-headings, then body text. Links to internal/external pages, related items lists, free give aways.

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