SEO for kids

Thats kids, as in in mini humans, not small goats, as that would be weird!

Coming from a Teaching back ground, i’ve found trying to get information across in an understandable way, always works when put in an easy to digest format.
I always remember a documentary on ‘John Craven’s News Round’ (i’m old!) where ‘proper’ news reporters would sometimes research the program, as it put forward news stories in a child friendly format  that kids could easily understand.
As the program was expert at the ‘child friendly’ way of presenting news, it was gold for how to explain what could be complicated topics.

So, why can’t all information and learning be like this and why can’t this be applies to SEO?
If you had a comic book you started writing and wanted to tell everyone in the real world how great it was and they should buy it regularly, how would you do it, especially on a limited budget?
Answer – you get creative and keep it simple and obvious. Start with all easy local contacts, then go from there.
Without noting here  patronising ways to do this, everyone can promote themselves and knows their industry and who is important or not in the areas you work.
Online – the methods are the same, but you need to play by online rules (mainly search rules), but keeping it simple, straight forward and to the point is needed.
Online can be more complicated, with more data and things to keep track off and as online is getting more competitive, the market place is slowly getting more crowded.
But, with planning and a little strategy, you too can have a winning comic!

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