The importance of a press release.

Up until recently, any PR duties I was given, were sent to a PR professionals who could dedicate themselves to that sole purpose.

However, as part of the link building process, you can submit press releases which could possibly get picked up and syndicated. This will not only give you press coverage, but also possible links from high authority websites.

Recently, I wrote some press releases for a client and submitted them to free and paid PR websites and industry specific news portals.
These were really done in the aim to get some authority links. The press releases however, was picked up and published on two news sites and one of the top industry portals.
This has given the client some great news coverage along with some authority links, giving the new company some needed news coverage to push the brand.

If you wish to put out a press release yourself and get the most coverage, it is still advisable to hire a PR professional. Like any industry, they do it all the time, so will be most skilled in this area. But, if you have a limited budget, you can write a press release on a newsworthy story (it has to be interesting and something to grab people’s attention, not just this is us and this is what we do! – Anything unique you are doing, the new wave doing things or something revolutionary!)
You can send the press release out to free PR websites, these being okay but they will not do as good a job as the paid websites, like   The paid PR services will get your press release out to more areas and you should get more coverage.
Submit your PR release to industry specific news portals.

If all goes well, you should have your press release featured on newspaper websites and within your industry news portals, with some authoritative links.
The process is quite straightforward, you just need to write a great press release and put some effort into submissions.

Try it and see if you get any success.

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