The internet, world cup and prime numbers

Odd, but there maybe a pattern emerging….
A prime number is simply a number divisable by itself and one only. All numbers are made from multiplying primes together.

After reading an article on prime numbers and there use on the internet (yes, this is very dry and boring to most!), i started to look for their signs elsewhere.
On the internet, encryption methods use primes numbers, so all the protection you have with your credit card online comes from prime numbers. Maths guys are facinated by them and they can be used in layouts and graphics using the golden selection (this is a shape found everywhere in nature based on a maths formula, showing maths = art, art=maths as i’ve always said.)

So, prime number patterns – 23 on Beckhams shirt (he’s not playing, but he’s at least on the bench!), we have 23 pairs of chromosomes, Michael Jordan wore the number 23 shirt,  23rd June –  England turn it around!
For a full run down of the prime number 23’s oddly regular appearance, see here.
So, look for the prime number signs. If your a betting person, maybe look for prime numbers in the teams you are backing. There maybe something in it, innit!

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