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Web design, web designer – what does that mean these days?
When I started as a web designer the skillset was – graphic design….ish, html, a bit of css, a bit of image editing, a bit of flash and a bit of server side.
Basically, a little bit of everything.

Things are more sophisticated these days and skills are more optimised to the target area.
Frontend designer – ideally graphic design and layout skills, learnt formally, xhtml (now slowly to html5), css, jquery, ajax.
That’s still mixing visual design with coding skills, but this can’t be gotten around until the ultimate WYSIWYG editor is invented, if it ever will.

Design is very subjective. There are conventions, in the sense of what industry, products and services a client’s site is addressing, but as with TV ads., you can go very left-field.
TV ads. use hooks like catchy tunes, daft imagery, lifestyle stuff, aspirational stuff….just check out the latest world cup based adverts……..basically like a war cry message to rally the troops, feel national pride, then…..buy our beer tagged on the end. I remember all the daft stuff, but in the supermarket, when I spot the beer, it jumps out at me, even if i think, ‘that’s the beer from that daft advert!’…………….all front of mind stuff.
So, watch TV ads. –  break them down, how are they doing it, what message is being put across, take notes- write what you see objectively – why have they done it that way?
Why, when, how, where, what.

This all translates better to viral marketing via banner ads., video, but what about static design?
Well, an example – Go-bloody-compare! Its stuck in mi’ head from over saturation on the box and its ultra-catchy melody.
What do they have – the theme tune, recognisable character (curly tashed,large happy opera singer),  regular people who are usually asking a basic question, ‘where can I find better……..?’ then, ram it into your mind with an ultra simple, catchy melody, hammering home the company name.
So, answer a basic question, have a character or icon, simpler the better and a straight forward message.
Off the wall or straight forward, traditional media is worth studying.

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