Website sports mode button!

All sites need a sports mode button!
What AM i on about. Well, while watching Top Gear, one of the presenters was talking about when ‘sports mode’ is engaged, lots of things are engaged behind the scenes – slip div, firmed up suspension, etc. Basically, lots of complicated stuff that we don’t want to know about, just goes ahead and does the work for us. All, we need to worry about is pressing that button.
Can you imagine if instead of the ‘sports mode’ button, we had an array of buttons for all those individual features?
You could argue that with an array of buttons for each function, it would give fine control over each function, which is true. However, i think for most drivers on the motorway, a one button click is preferable.

So what has this got to do with websites?
Just KISS – keep, it, simple, stupid.
Try to aim for frontend simplicity, no matter how complicated the backend. This is why Apple have done well; simple design and functionality over the top of the internal workings……… a debate awaits!
If you are technically minded, then you will dig into its guts anyway. For the rest, it just needs to do its job in the simplest way.
So – simple navigation, simple layout, follow conventions on the web and staight forward messages. Not rules, but guidelines.

..just a thought……

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