What type of hosting is best for a small business site?

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You know that your business needs a website. You know that to have a website you must have a webhost. How much do you know about web hosting? And furthermore, what type of web hosting is best for your business endeavor?

Types of Web Hosting Accounts

Free Web Hosting. May sound good on the surface, but you get what you pay for. There are definitely free web hosts out there who make money putting ads on your content. Your upside is that you get to share your content with the world for no money. Free web hosting also has the smallest bandwidth, and visitors to your site may have to deal with the dreaded pop up ad.

Shared or Virtual Web Hosting. This is the most common type of web hosting available, meaning that you share your host server with all of the other clients of the host. This is also usually the cheapest type of web service, but since your host is trying to maximize profits, usually the host is actively trying to have as many clients on one server as possible. More clients means less space for you and more regulations about what you can put on your site. You will have control over your site, usually through a control panel, but not the server.

Virtual Private Server Hosting. If you need to control the resources of your own server, but are still cost conscious, virtual private server hosting may be for you. You are actually still on a shared server, but through better resource allocation, your site will look and act like a dedicated server.

Dedicated Web Hosting. If you are seeing the pattern of trading higher prices for more resources, you are right on track. Allowing even more control than a virtual private server is the dedicated web hosting solution, which means that your web site, or web sites, have the vastly superior resources of its own true dedicated server. The dedicated server is what the virtual server emulates; however, the dedicated server allows more customization of your web applications. Also, server uptime is not contingent upon anyone else’s problem or website, which allows you, the owner, to make much more truthful promises to your customer base about the uptime of your website. On the downside, a dedicated server is like owning a house rather than renting an apartment. You are responsible for paying to have technicalities fixed, and should you choose to outsource system administration, that too.

Managed Web Hosting. If you are in need of the greater resources of the dedicated server, but you do not have the expertise to administrate the server yourself, the next most expensive option is the managed web hosting solution. Of course, for your money, you now do not have to worry about fixing administrative problems yourself, but can instead yell at the company running the service you hired. Of course, you will pay for this privilege, as the managed web hosting option is usually the penthouse of options offered by web hosting companies.

Server Co-Location. This is usually an option reserved for technical professionals, because with this option you are just housing your own server at another location. It’s like renting a storage unit. If you have to ask, this probably is not the option for you.

Your Choice. Which solution makes for the best ecommerce hosting, which is mostly likely relevant to your business? Usually, if you spent the money on incorporation, setup, inventory or service, and personnel, the best bet is the managed hosting account, or managed web hosting. This solution provides the level of autonomy needed, room to grow, and no need to learn technicalities which would just impede the actual operations of your business. One of the best places to get this service is at webhostingsearch.com, which specializes in tailored web solutions to the small businessman.

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