Who remembers these things?

Why 360 virtual tours and other ways of viewing.viewmaster from bassmedia web design

Do you remember these strange viewing things?
In an age when things were more analogue, a Viewmaster gave a ‘Stereo-scopic’ view of a scene. Basically, it made the view look 3D.
Wow, you say if you have never looked through one, but i recommend doing so, as it never fails when someone tries out my Viewmaster, how blown away they are with the image. It truly looks 3d! Also, the technique is nearly as old as photography itself.

The trick is how the eye and brain work.
For each image you see, there is an individual image on either side of the disc you insert into the Viewmaster, one image shot slightly left or right to the other image. Each eye sees each image but the brain joins the two images together to make one image, overlaying each if you will, to give a 3d image.
Why bother telling you this? Well, its how i travelled into building 360 tours, I wanted to do the same thing as the Viewmaster but on a screen. However, on discovering it is basically a trick of the eye made with two images, then i found it is only possible on screen with an 80s style 3d image (the red and blue things) or to use 3d glasses with another type of specially processed image.

If anyone out there wants to put heads together to research how to re-create a Viewmaster image on screen or other ways of image viewing, please get in touch!

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