Why A Press Release Is Good For SEO.

Times have changed over the last year or so in the SEO world.

Google now officially say that they do not like back links at all for any type of self-promotion. If you follow this rule to the letter, it means traditional link building is out. This doesn’t mean that you cannot build links anymore, as they are still the bread and butter of organic rankings. However, a cost-effective way to spread the word about what you do and build links at the same time, is via a press release.


A press release has many advantages in the link building process as you don’t get stung for duplicate content as you are syndicating content, you hopefully get a link back to your website in the press release and via the online press release services, you get to promote your press release via social networks channels. This means that all in, a press release can work out more effectively than a short link building campaign. It also means that your link building is very ‘white hat.’


You cannot solely rely on press releases for your link building efforts, as you still need to have links coming from a variety of sources online. The more varied the link types you have coming to your website, the better, but a press release can go a long way to get you links on authority websites and spread the word effectively. If your stories is juicy enough, it may be picked up by journalists and further run into hardcopy versions of newspapers. This means that you need a great story to run when you do a press release campaign. This basically applies to all press releases. Have something interesting to say or no one will pay attention.


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