Are organic listings still relevant to SEO?

2011 saw many changes in the SEO and SEM world, mainly due to big G’s updates, some good,  some bad. The panda update got rid of a lot of crappy articles on the web, more emphasis on Google places for local listings, more emphasis on social indicators for sites, the loss of keyword data from Read more about Are organic listings still relevant to SEO?[…]

Playing an instrument and SEO!

As you can see, another well optimised title……….! I don’t post that often on this blog, mainly due to the fact of putting client’s work first, as with most SEO and web designers. Anyways, this post is really about the correlation between learning a musical instrument and SEO. What you say, another mindless analogy. Well, Read more about Playing an instrument and SEO![…]

Iphone 360 tours!

On our sister site –, your 360 tours can now be viewable on iphone devices, iPod Touch, iPad and most smart phones. -Please check this link on your device of choice to see the latest way to view yuor 360 tours – Benefits – let your visitors view your events, locations, places of interest on Read more about Iphone 360 tours![…]

Sarah Palin on newsnight – politics goes a shootin’!

I never write about politics and this post has nothing to do with SEO, but after watching newsnight in the UK last night, wow i had to write something. Newsnight had a feature on Sarah Palin from Alaska at some kind of snow race thing, being all smiley and showing her ‘recreational’ side. No worries Read more about Sarah Palin on newsnight – politics goes a shootin’![…]

Track your competitors

Tracking your competitors is all important if you want to make your way up the search results. SEO articles usually give a section on competitor tracking and saying you should, but why? Your competitors or your successful competitors, will hopefully have put in the ground work for which keywords/phrases to use, which landing pages are Read more about Track your competitors[…]

What type of hosting is best for a small business site?

Guest article for web hosting. You know that your business needs a website. You know that to have a website you must have a webhost. How much do you know about web hosting? And furthermore, what type of web hosting is best for your business endeavor? Types of Web Hosting Accounts Free Web Hosting. May Read more about What type of hosting is best for a small business site?[…]