high class website design

High class website design? What do you think of first when confronted with this statement? Most would think of the frontend graphical design, lovely layout that just seems to ‘sit’ correctly, type setting that is easy to read and looks elegant with correct line length, spacing and font choice. Really, the areas of a website, Read more about high class website design[…]

Is your social media presence, your fan club?

Some things in life work the same as they always have, they just have been given different names or work on different platforms. Social media is big these days in the promotion world. Why?  Lots of people who may be interested in your products and services, hang out on these sites. Lots of people. Talking Read more about Is your social media presence, your fan club?[…]

Clients, the new search metric.

Simply asking some of your clients how they search for your products and services is great feedback on how you can optimise your online presence for SEO. Ask clients specifics, like – What are the product names or services they were looking for? What search engines and directories those products and services were listed? What Read more about Clients, the new search metric.[…]

Google street view goes indoors

According to Search engine land a number of New York stores have been contacted to see if they would be interested in featuring the insides of their stores on Googles new product – Google Store Views. IF this takes off, then 360 tours will hopefully build in popularity, where the call for this type of media Read more about Google street view goes indoors[…]

Logos for Manchester learning Councils

Bassmedia were commissioned to design logos for two learning schemes in Manchester. Simple branding needed, one or two colours and straight to the point. As with most things in life, two head are better than one, as there was a constant back and forth for the design between Bassmedia and the client for tweaks and Read more about Logos for Manchester learning Councils[…]

The internet, world cup and prime numbers

Odd, but there maybe a pattern emerging…. A prime number is simply a number divisable by itself and one only. All numbers are made from multiplying primes together. After reading an article on prime numbers and there use on the internet (yes, this is very dry and boring to most!), i started to look for Read more about The internet, world cup and prime numbers[…]

World cup kick off drives millions to Fifa.com

On June 11th, the official opening of the world cup, the Fifa.com website hit 7.6 millions unique visitors, as stated on Comscore or 1.2% of the global Internet audience, with the middle east having the highest traffic. The U.K. showed the highest site reach at 2.1%, or about 538,000 visitors. So, world cup fever means lots Read more about World cup kick off drives millions to Fifa.com[…]