WordPress websites and Social Media

We have been off running our own independent websites for the last few years, the main reason why base majors not been updated in some time. However, now we are back and offering WordPress websites and social media promotion. The main reason for WordPress is simple, is probably the best platform for building websites for Read more about WordPress websites and Social Media[…]

Top 3 Ways in Which Social Media Affects Your Search Engine Rankings.

You don’t need SEO experts to tell you that the search engine ranking of your website is important for business. Higher rank means greater visibility for the website and consequently, increased business.    The need therefore is to focus on factors that enhance your search engine rankings. And alongside traditional SEO factors like keyword optimization Read more about Top 3 Ways in Which Social Media Affects Your Search Engine Rankings.[…]

BBC Social Media Report

The Beeb have produced a nice little graphical report on social media use globally. Facebook, Twitter is on the way up, while Myspace and Friends Re-united is on the way down. This is probably due to the massive SEM potential of facebook for business, while Myspace is more or less a musician’s domain and the SEM realm Read more about BBC Social Media Report[…]

Is your social media presence, your fan club?

Some things in life work the same as they always have, they just have been given different names or work on different platforms. Social media is big these days in the promotion world. Why?  Lots of people who may be interested in your products and services, hang out on these sites. Lots of people. Talking Read more about Is your social media presence, your fan club?[…]