The Six Traits of a Successful Small Business Owner

Traits of a successful small business are great things to be aware of to know your on the right track with your endevour. This article shows the common traits of a successful small business and can apply to larger businesses also. The areas concerned include – collaboration, self fulfilment, future focussed and action orientated. Make sure Read more about The Six Traits of a Successful Small Business Owner[…]

high class website design

High class website design? What do you think of first when confronted with this statement? Most would think of the frontend graphical design, lovely layout that just seems to ‘sit’ correctly, type setting that is easy to read and looks elegant with correct line length, spacing and font choice. Really, the areas of a website, Read more about high class website design[…]

Website sports mode button!

All sites need a sports mode button! What AM i on about. Well, while watching Top Gear, one of the presenters was talking about when ‘sports mode’ is engaged, lots of things are engaged behind the scenes – slip div, firmed up suspension, etc. Basically, lots of complicated stuff that we don’t want to know about, Read more about Website sports mode button![…]