World cup kick off drives millions to

On June 11th, the official opening of the world cup, the website hit 7.6 millions unique visitors, as stated on Comscore or 1.2% of the global Internet audience, with the middle east having the highest traffic. The U.K. showed the highest site reach at 2.1%, or about 538,000 visitors. So, world cup fever means lots Read more about World cup kick off drives millions to[…]

The World cup and aspirin!

Just heard on the radio that there are a higher number of cases of heart attacks and raised blood pressure during a world cup, especially during your team’s game. Thus, have some aspirin handy, as this thins the blood, making heart attacks less likely! (based on no medical knowledge apart from mi’ granddad. He took aspirin everyday Read more about The World cup and aspirin![…]