June 11, 2010


Bassmedia have used a number of CMS systems over the years, ranging from Mambo, back in the day, to Joomla, Typo3, Typolight and now WordPress.

The move to WordPress has a number of benefits.
– Easy SEO, SEM optimisation and promotion.
– Ease of updating. The biggest advantage. Content can be easily added, producing a more search friendle website.
– Ease of development and maintenance, in fact ease of most duties needed to make a web presence, what it should be.

WordPress cannot do everything, but for the majority of websites, it is a very good fit.
Please call Bassmedia today to discuss your website needs.


A CMS system will benefit your online presence in the following ways:-

  • Updateable site.
  • Re-skinnable site.
  • Allow multiple people to administor the site.
  • Many plugins with the system to complete many tasks.
  • Upload many types of media.
  • Full control of your site.
  • Fully integrated system.


From small sites to large corporate portals, our Content Management Systems will make your life easier, by allowing you to manage all aspects of your site with no previous knowledge.

It has been our experience that most CMS systems are either too simple or too complex for a users needs. We will discuss your requirements and put in place only what you need with room for expansion in the future.

Basically, easy to use, fast and efficient.

These are some of the facilities available.

(please contact us for a complete feature list.)

  • unlimited section/page creation.
  • front end and backend users. You specify who can access what.
  • image, text and multimedia uploads.(drop in a word or excel file if you like.)
  • Document storage.
  • user admin.
  • Many modules covering many tasks, e.g. Blogs, customer relationships, discussion boards, e-commerce, faq’s, guestbooks, image galleries, polls and surveys, project management, etc.


Most of all, a CMS future proofs your site so only a template and style sheet need changing to change the complete look and feel of your site.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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